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Authorized Detailer -Great News!

Whether you're a professional, amature or even an intermediate car care enthusiast, it is going to be no queston that you have tried a fair few products to try and get the best finish from your vehicle. Most start from the bottom of the ladder and make do with whatever is left over in the garage from years ago when another family member used to take care of their cars. Some pop to their local retail store (take your pick) and see whats on offer and then the rest take to online research in the name of forums or social media groups. Guess what, I've done all three. Got to start somewhere right?

Well after continuously trying, testing and changing, keeping products only ever happens if it offers something that the last didnt. Safe to say that there have been some serious clear-outs, half-bottle wastages and some freebies that have never been opened over the years for the Scene Clean Valeting armoury. When you stumble accross a product that knocks your socks off, curiosity gets the better of you to see what else the manufacturer has to offer. This is exactly what happened to myself after trying Auto Finesse's Tripple all-in-one polish. Ever since, the majority of the products that I use on clients, myown and friends vehicles has remained with that Auto Finesse name ever since - except, now its a little more that just a polish!

Being a self-confessed Auto Finesse lover, and its easy to see why, it has always been an ambition to be part of the team. After becoming friendly with the guys from various car shows, taking care of local vehicles that were actually sponsored by Auto Finesse themselves, and then using the brand for myown car care it has always been a goal to become an Authrorized Detailer. Guess what..?

I am extatic to announce that as of Novemer 2015 I am now a part of the Auto Finesse Authorized Detailer Network! This means I am able to use the Auto Finesse name to promote any work, carry out details on behalf of the brand and also see the Scene Clean Valeting name on their website.

Very thankful to James, Simon, Sian and the rest of the AF team for allowing me such a great step up in my career.

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