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About Us

Scene Clean Valeting is a high quality and studio based automotive detailing service based in Penarth, South Wales. Our prerogative is providing car care services of the highest standard using only the most respected and reputable products available. During early 2014, our weekend pastime of detailing personal vehicles became a full-time profession where we have had the opportunity to work on some of the most valuable vehicles on the road nationwide. Our reputation and quality of work is continuously growing alongside our desire to be one of the UK's most respected detailers. Our pastime now? Strengthening our knowledge, perfecting our technique and of course, pleasing our clients. 

The business was founded Aaron Brooks who over several years has worked tirelessly to gain hands-on experience, knowledge and professionalism to allow the vehicles he works upon to be given the best care possible. Aaron prides himself in providing superior quality, thorough and responsible detailing services to discerning individuals within Cardiff and the surrounding areas. Using the latest technology, finest quality products and advanced techniques any vehicle can be restored and maintained to a high standard. Aaron's 'quality over quantity' attitude ensures that no vehicle will be rushed or completed with any half measure, resulting in the finest presentation of the vehicle. 

Being a car lover himself, Aaron understands the bond that many share with their vehicle. We all have a dream car we would love to see parked inour own garage and when that opportunity arises, it becomes more than just a car  - regardless whether it is a super mini or supercar. For some a vehicle is a tool, a way of getting from A to B, but those who take pride in their vehicles see it as far more. Aaron appreciates this and sets to treat every vehicle with care, respect and professionalism. 

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