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Brake Caliper Refinishing

Most modern performance vehicles have high gloss calipers fitted as standard, or at least have the option, but quite often vehicles that don't quite have the sporty heritage have to persevere with unpainted components that tarnish and corrode quickly. Our brake caliper repainting allows a touch of personality to be added to a vehicle with an almost unlimited choice of colours.

The Process

  • Wheels carefully removed from vehicle.

  • Brake calipers cleaned of dust, loose/flaking paint & any grease build up; calipers will then be rubbed down to create a key for paint to adhere to. 

  • Two coats of each paint layer applied for best coverage; primer, base / colour  and clear coat (Alternative Finishes Available, See Below).
    NOTE: Brake Calipers can be painted in any colour mixed from a manufacture paint code (e.g. Porsche Guards Red, Audi Ara Blue etc).

  • Disk centers prepared and painted; colours available are black, silver or grey only (Available alone).

  • Wheels re-installed to vehicle and wheel bolt tightness torqued.



Vehicles equipped with brake pad wear sensors and/or electronic parking brakes can potentially require resetting/re-calibration via a diagnostic tool to remove any warning errors on the vehicles display, in some cases this can only be completed by a main dealership workshop at cost to the vehicles owner. 

Service Cost

From £285

Time Required

From 1.5 Days

We recommend this service as part of a Detailing Service or our Maintenance Service for the best results.

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