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Our Studio

We believe that in order to carry out services to a high standard it is essential to have a clean and well lit working area. It is a regular occurrence that detailing a vehicle requires multiple days to complete, of which the vehicle would need to be kept clean and dry until finished. For this reason we do not carry out any of our services on a mobile basis, instead, we continue to invest heavily into our purpose built studio that offers a suitable, safe and sheltered area for our clients vehicles to be worked upon. Investments include our tooling, multiple lighting sources and the largest investments we make within our business is our insurance. Our fully comprehensive motor trade policy allows us full access to your vehicle whether it be working upon it, collection & delivery and storage at our 2554sqft studio. We can happily provide proof of our insurance to any client who would like to be assured that we have total coverage for anything we will be required to do during the vehicles time in our custody.

At our studio we have multiple light sources, each highlighting a different type of defect that a vehicle may have present; swirling, deep scratches, haziness and other blemishes can be found and permanently removed to ensure the vehicle being worked upon looks nothing less than flawless. Our investment has also extended in high quality tooling that is able to provide the expected results our clients desire; tooling includes machine polishers, infrared ceramic coating curing systems and also our vehicle lift that guarantees the lower portion of a vehicle can be given the same care and attention as the upper areas (also reducing our fatigue, which also allows us to provide better results).

Our studio has just undergone a full renovation for 2021 including new flooring, additional lighting and much more to provide an even better environment for your vehicle to  receive a treatment with us. 

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Certified Detailer

We continuously aim to extract the very best out of a vehicles appearance during its time in our care, to do this we rely heavily on the range of products that we use. Only the finest quality products can provide the finest quality results, which is why we have tried and tested many throughout our professional career. Following various assessments and training programs, we have been able to become certified / accredited by our favorite manufactures Gyeon Quartz and most recently Matrix Coatings. Gyeon Quartz acknowledge that to gain the highest standard of ceramic coating application it cannot be performed outdoors, which is why Gyeon Quartz only certify studio based detailers for their professional range. 

As part of our accreditation we have been granted access to exclusive products that are only available to professionals of whom have surpassed the manufactures assessment and training processes. This allows us to install and maintain these products to the very highest standard to ensure the best performance and finish is achieved. As our reputation has been built using products from the Gyeon Quartz and Matrix ceramic protection ranges we are proud to have been granted acceptance into their certified detailer networks and we continue to work alongside these brands in our work. 

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