Range Rover Evoque - Enhancement Detail

Range Rovers are a common sight on the driveways of sports personalities and various celebrities over recent years. A high driving position, exclusive luxury and the ability to perform both on or off the road made them a vehicle to roam the world at their owners leisure. However, the modern image of the Range Rover brand is being pushed predominantly towards buyers who remain well within a city center rather than a muddy swamp. The HSE and Sport models offered the pinnacle of Range Rovers luxury, each having their own charm. The Evoque was introduced to the production line in 2011, featuring similarities to the Land Rover LRX that was revealed at the North American International Auto Show three years prior. Within the first year of production the Evoque exploded with popularity with those who didn't need a vehicle as large as a HSE or Sport, but still required the refinement and luxury that a Range Rover provides. Selling over 88,000 units in the first year of production the Evoque quickly became the defining 'crossover SUV'. The Range Rover Evoque we have here in a beautiful pearl was handed to us to receive our Enhancement Detail service to remove swirls and other paint defects whilst the colour and gloss was maximized. Lets get t work.. The Evoque was delivered to us looking in a reasonably good condition. A light road dirt splashing on the areas directly behind the wheels and a few areas of polish remains from a few visits to the '£5 wash centres'. With the registration plates removed the Evoque looked like this..