Bentley Continental GTC - Protection Detail

The Bentley Continental GT was introduced to the luxury coupe market in 2003, the first generation featured a hefty 6.0L Twin Turbo W12 engine that could offer a surge of power whenever the driver saw fit. Many variants of the first generation were introduced alongside the Continental such as the Flying Spur, GT Diamond Series, GTC, GTZ and supersport to name a few. This caused even the most particular businessman to be spoilt for choice when looking for a luxurious vehicle. Later on Bentley released the updated generation two with the same wide hips, a little nip here and a little tuck there to bring the Continental right back upto date. 2011 saw the release of the second generation, being revealed in the Paris Motor Show of the previous year with the W12 engine remaining until 2013 when the 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 was an alternative option. The Continental GTC V8 landed in showrooms in 2012, one year after the GTC was put into production with the W12. The Bentley featured in this Protection Detail is equipped with the later 4.0L V8, with that said lets surge into the detail itself..

This Bentley GTC is a newly regular client who is a man of very little free time. He recently came in contact with us for a weekly maintenance schedule to ensure the vehicle is kept in the best condition. After a few Maintenance Details, it was advised that the owner looked into the Protection Detail as the paint was beginning to show signs of little protection being present. Gladly the owner didn't think twice and arranged for us to get the vehicle back to how it should be... The vehicle was handed to us in a very respectably clean condition, as the car had undergone a Maintenance Detail only a few days prior to this appointment a light layer of dust was all that needed to be washed down. The registration plates were carefully removed and placed to one side. Previous number plate sticky pads were still attached to the vehicle which would need to be removed later in the detail..