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Protect Your Investment - New Car Protection

As each year passes, more people look to replace their existing vehicle with something new. Manufactures offering lease-purchase contracts and the added comfort of warranties have made purchasing a brand new vehicle more tempting than ever, 2016 is no different. March will see the introduction of the most recent '16 plate' vehicles to our roads but this doesn't come without some words of wisdom to gain the most from the brand new vehicle you are so eagerly awaiting delivery of. Manufactures offer various upgrades and performance packages to create a vehicle that is perfect for you and your requirements, all for an additional charge of course. Whilst potential buyers will be focused on the vehicle itself, manufacture dealerships will charge an additional cost if the client wishes the vehicle to undergo a 'Protection Package'. Naturally, the dealership taking delivery and handling these brand new vehicles will give the best possible preparation and apply these said protectants thoroughly and to the point of perfection.. right? Sadly, this is rarely the case for the majority of vehicles being prepared and delivered to the new owner. This is due to the team of valeters preparing the vehicles are often pressured to complete as many vehicles as possible in any given time frame, meaning less thorough cleansing processes and a rushed application of the protection package that the dealership charged the buyer hundreds of pounds on top of the vehicle and upgrade purchase price. Simply put, buyers are being charged a considerable amount of money for poorly executed protection packages, leading the buyer to think that their investment will be capable of battling the British weather for years to come when infact it would be over-considerate to say a durability of a few months would be achieved. Not to mention these said valeters using incorrect techniques to cleanse the vehicles, inflicting scratches, swirls and in some cases even machine polisher holograms.

With our New Car Protection the vehicle will undergo a very vigorous three-stage decontamination process that will ensure the chosen protection will bond directly onto the paint without compromising the durability. Not only that, the vehicles paint will receive a single stage machine polish to remove any minor swirling inflicted by the dealers preparation and PDI checks (this does not include paintwork defects) to ensure the vehicles paint is flawless - as should be expected from a brand new vehicle. Once the paintwork has been rectified, a highly durable and super-hydrophobic quartz coating will be meticulously applied to paint, glass and wheels for the ultimate protection and aesthetic slickness. The durability of these coatings can achieve up to 18+ months minimum protection from a single application - outlasting any dealer-applied product available; Supaguard, LifeShine, ProSheild and so on..

The interior will also receive protection on such surfaces as carpets and leather to ensure the vehicle is encased in a bubble of protection to prolong the life of the vehicle.

We will not compromise the protection of your vehicle by operating on a multiple car demand; your vehicle is our soul priority until the service is complete. Your vehicle is the second biggest life investment after your home. Protect your investment.

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