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Porsche 993 - Body Protection Detail

This modified Porsche 993 owner has been talking about getting the car in since we first cleaned his Ducati Motorbike in our first few months of opening! Finally getting it through the doors to get it presentable for a local Porsche owner’s club meet. The metal pressed plates were carefully removed from the car and placed to one side. The nose and lower panels of the car were sprayed with a citrus pre-cleaner to help lift and loosen heavy road dirt that had accumulated. During this soaking time the wheels were cleaned front to back with an assortment of wheel woollies and other brushes to get to every possible area on the wheel design.

The door, boot (bonnet) and tailgate shuts were sprayed with an APC dilution and agitated with a boar’s hair detailing brush. The car was then covered in a layer of foam pre-wash and left to dwell for 3-5mins to soak and further lift any surface dirt. Window seals, body gaps and other intricate areas were agitated with a boar’s hair detailing brush also during this time. A pressure rinse to blast off any lifted dirt and the car was moved onto the bucket wash.

A two bucket method and high quality synthetic wash mitt accompanied a high quality pH neutral wash solution to gently but thoroughly cleanse the body, the whale tale was lifted to clean underneath too. Another rinse and the car was freed of very light tar spotting using a dedicated tar & glue remover. A thorough rinse to any treated areas and the entire car was dried down to remove any excess standing water, allowing the next decontamination stage to gain maximum impact on the panel without being diluted on the surface.

The fallout remover was applied using a pump sprayer and was left to dwell for 6-7mins whilst the wheels were agitated with the same fallout remover after any reactions turned a deep purple. The exhaust was cleaned at this time also. The car was then rinsed again and the third and final decontamination stage was carried out with a surface prep towel. This allows any stubborn contamination to be lifted away alongside things like overspray (as this car has seen paint recently). After the third stage of decontamination was completed, a final foaming to carry away lifted decontamination before the car was rinsed with for a final time and moved indoors.

Dried down using a combination of warm filtered air and drying towel to remove any excess water from any water traps and gaps. As the paintwork wasn’t heavily swirled (even though there were a fair few buffer trailed areas) - it was decided that a glaze would benefit the darker colour more than a pre-wax cleanser. Glazing allows the reduction of light swirls making the paint appear to be perfectly finished. Glazed by Dual Action polisher, the residue was buffed away to leave a luscious, deep gloss to the metallic blue paint.

Once all panels were glazed, the first coat of wax was applied. Thin application of Auto Finesse Desire allowed the first coat of wax to benefit the durability expectations, whereas the second coat of wax being Illusion allowed maximum gloss and dripping wet looks. The perfect compromise between durability and appearance. An hour was left between the removal of Desire and application of Illusion. During this cure time, the wheels were wiped over with a quick detailer to remove light dusting and the tyres were dressed with Gtechniq T1 Tyre&Trim for its subtle satin finish. The arches were dressed with Auto Finesse Dressle. All window rubbers, bumper rubbers and trims were also protected with T1 Tyre&Trim. A detailing swab was used to spread the product into tight or thin areas to allow all seals to be protected, not to mention returning them back from a dull grey. The whale tail cooling fins were dressed with Auto Finesse Dressle.

The custom exhaust was re-polished from a burnt copper appearance to the original stainless finish by hand using Auto Finesse Mercury. After polishing, Mint Rims was used to protect the exhaust tips from the elements. All glass was cleaned, both interior and exterior to remove product residues, finger smudges and accumulated dirt.

A final buff down and the car was re-fitted with the licence plates ready for the owner to collect. One Porsche Ready to shine at the owner’s club event. A few afters..

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