BMW 135i - Enhancement Detail

When the BMW name is mentioned it more often than not creates an image of businessmen hurling up and down the motorways or of a sports saloon that dominates the market in terms of smiles-per-gallon. The manufacture has created some of the best sports saloons to this day; M3, M4, M5 and the more recently released 1M just to name a few. All of which have theirown charm, sharp lines and dripping with such materials as carbon fiber, aluminium and other composites all in the name to save weight. Sadly though, the 'M Series' may not be suited to everyone for various reasons. Whether it be the extra price tags, fuel economy or general practicality sometimes the 'M' cars just aren't viable. So what do you do? What's the next best thing? How about an M135i, still featuring the legendary M Division badge whilst being a more civilized animal.

This M135i hatch was brought in for a very well needed enhancement after previously being poorly machine polished and being covered in holograms and buffer trails. Further into the detail you will see why it is extremely crutial that the people you trust to carry out any polishing work on your vehicle must be properly trained and skilled to carry out the job safely. Anyway, more about that later, lets crack on with the detail..