The Basics - Fabric Roof Maintenance

Having a drop-top on those sunny summers days can create a new love for driving. Open skies, wind ruffling through the hair - blissful images right? As we all know, those sunny summer days don't last forever, sometimes that roof needs to be up more than it needs to be down.

When you drive a car in the wet, it's obvious that dirt becomes temporarily stuck onto the paint and surrounding areas. Dirty rain water swiped away by the wipers doesn't magically disappear from the windscreen; it streams up and over the roof. On a hard top this isn't much of an issue as there is nowhere for the rain water to become trapped, unlike a fabric roof which if untreated will act as a magnet for anything wet. Any dirt and water that falls onto an untreated roof will be absorbed into the fibres, eventually saturating the roof for sometimes days on end. So what? The water will just dry away anyway so what's the issue..? Whilst the water may be a self-solving issue with time, the dirt that is repeatedly deposited will continue to build up within the roof fibres. The longer this dirt is left, the more time it has to develop and make the fabric look grubby..