Volkswagen Scirocco - New Car Detail

When buying a brand new car, it is not wrong to assume that the car being handed over to you would be quite literally perfect, untouched. Sadly, this is often not the case with the vehicles being delivered and prepared by dealerships with incorrect training, insufficient time and whilst they may pretend to care about the customer, not so much about how they handle the car. Whilst the customer will be collecting a brand new shiny car, sometimes there are already inflicted damage such as polisher holigrams, glue residues and in some cases even paint chips - yes really! The customers will be so happy to get behind the wheel of their latest investment they don't take the care needed to look over the vehicle thoroughly to see defects. Maybe the dealership offered a 'protection package' for a high price yet fail to follow correct procedures in installing said packages. Thats where the New Car Detail comes in..

This beautiful Blackberry Volkswagen Scirocco was brought to us after the owner rejected the dealership protection packages, a package that was offered for over £500. Needless to say that £500 would be better spent on tissues and chocolate to sooth the heartache a few months down the line when the cars 'perminent' protection suddenly falls away.