Porsche GT3 - Six Day Gyeon Detail

Porsche have a pretty well rounded range of sports vehicles at present, from a luxury performance SUV range through to pure bred track toys that are road legal and even a hybrid hypercar pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved from a modern car thrown in for good measure. Even a a decade ago, Porsche were still at the forefront of the performance car market with nothing short of enjoyment and build quality oozing out of every inch. It really is simple to understand why the Porsche brand is so hugely loved by people of all generations, they offer everything to everyone. The Porsche GT3 is a toned down version of the hardcore track ready GT3RS, still offering sublime handling and performance but with some creature comforts for a better day-to-day experience when touring across Europe, which is what the owner of this particular GT3 often does whilst posting his adventures and 'hoonigans' on Instagram. Purchased from new, our client had the full vehicle protected with paint protection film (PPF) to prevent stone chips, scratches and general daily life damaging the underlying paint. Only the complex rear engine cover and the rear bumper were left unprotected. A year or two later, the car was taken to one of the most known vehicle wrapping companies in the UK, Yiannimize, in order to transform the GT3 from an ordinary plain white to a full Martini Porsche livery which highlights the curves of the rear arches very well. Bring time forward by a few years as well as many European road trips later and the car was looking a little tired overall and need of some in-depth TLC to restore a finish to match the stand-out nature of its graphics.