Mini Cooper (Classic) - Enhancement Detail

Great Britain has designed, developed and produced some of the most iconic, well remembered and beautiful vehicles that have ever driven on roads across the globe. Jaguar had the beautiful E-Type, Aston Martin had the glorious DB5 and of course, there was the classic Mini - an unlikely candidate to be nominated the second most influential car of the 20th century when you compare the compare the luxury, shapes and performance of the former mentioned vehicles. With its transverse engine position, allowing the floor pan of the car to be used predominantly for passengers and cabin space; a design that would influence other manufactures for decades to come. The addition of the Cooper and Cooper S models allowed the performance of the Mini to be increased to allow it to dominate the Monte Carlo Rally in four consecutive years 1964-1967, although the headlights were deemed against the rules and a controversial disqualification in 1966 meant the win streak was tarnished in the third year. Happily though, the love people shared for the Mini carried through and does so to this present day.. The Mini Cooper we were asked to carry out our services on was a very beautiful example. Almost in a completely original condition other than a few minor little touches the owner had added to make it his own. The owner keeps the Mini looking great, regularly maintaining and storing it in a locked garage when not in use ensures that the condition is never left to become tarnished or weathered - although in this particular case the single stage red paint had began to very slightly oxidize (fade) after undergoing a body restoration. Paint shop holograms, sanding defects and swirling were all present causing the final finish to be far less than desired. With a Mini owners club event being held locally, the owner decided to contact us to ensure that his Cooper would be one of the best presented vehicles in attendance. After arranging an assessment meeting where all options were discussed, it was decided that our Enhancement Detail would be the most suitable service when factoring in the clients requirements and time schedules available to us. So, lets move onto the detail itself.. The Mini was, as already mentioned, in a very presentable condition to those who would walk past and admire, although a light covering of dust and water spots in a few areas such as the roof and lower splash areas could be seen under closer inspection..