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New Car Protection

From £550

From 3 Days


This service is specifically tailored to vehicles that are brand new, and that the proud new owners require the most durable protection available. Our New Car Protection will encapsulate your latest investment in a shell of quartz protection to ensure all surfaces are professionally perfected, protected and presented, inside and out.

The Process

  • Wheels, tyres and under-arch areas thoroughly cleaned with non-corrosive products and an assortment of dedicated wheel brushes and woollies.

  • Fallout remover used to break down bonded contaminants if required.

  • Engine compartment lightly cleansed of surface dust, soiling and oil residues using an all-purpose cleaner. 

  • Foam pre-wash applied to the entire vehicle, allowing it to dwell for a few minutes prior to a pressure rinse to carry away any lifted soiling and grit particles.

  • Multi-point wash process using a pH neutral shampoo, two bucket (with grit guard) method and lambswool wash mitt to safely remove soiling without causing swirls and scratches.

  • Three-step decontamination process will  remove tar spotting, protective wrap adhesive, metallic fallout and other bonded contaminants.

  • Warm filtered air and drying towels used to remove standing water from paint, glass, wheels and intricate areas where water collects to prevent drips and water spotting.

  • Vehicle raised and wheels carefully removed and cleansed on both front faces and rear barrels. Brake calipers also cleaned. 

  • Single stage machine polish using Gyeon Quartz Q2Primer, an ultra-fine finishing polish to removing dealership inflicted surface marring. 

  • Paintwork degreased of polishing oils using a dedicated panel wipe. Wheels and plastic surfaces also degreased.

  • A single layer of Gyeon Quartz Q2Pure ceramic coating applied to the paintwork, offering a minimum of twelve months protection (Upgrade available, see below).

  • Exterior plastics treated with Gyeon Quartz Q2Trim, a dedicated plastic preserver offering a minimum of twelve months protection.

  • Wheels, high gloss painted brake calipers and exhaust tips treated with Gyeon Quartz Q2Rim, a dedicated heat resistant ceramic coating offering upto twelve month protection.

  • Exterior glass surfaces cleansed and treated with Gyeon Quartz Q2View, a dedicated ceramic coating to provide upto three years improved visibility.

  • Internal and external glass cleaned. 

  • Engine compartment dressed.

  • Interior vacuumed and dashboard dusted. 

  • Leather surfaces protected with Gyeon Quartz Q2LeatherCoat offering a protection against spills and soiling build up (Upgrade available, see below).

  • Floor matts protected with Gyeon Quartz Q2FabricCoat offering protection against spills and excess soiling build up.

Additonal Upgrade Options

  • GYEON Quartz Q2DuraFlex -or- Q2MOHS+ :: Upto 5 year protection :: FROM £175 (Certified Detailer Only)

  • GYEON Quartz Q2LeatherShield :: Upto 12 months protection :: FROM £50

  • IGL Coatings Quartz :: Upto 24 month protection :: FROM £75

  • IGL Coatings Kenzo :: Upto 4 year protection :: FROM £300 (IGL Kenzo Master Installer Only)

  • Paint Protection Film (PPF) :: FROM £POA

  • Brake Caliper Refinishing :: FROM £60 per Caliper

  • Paintless Dent Removal :: FROM £70

  • Alloy Wheel Refinishing :: FROM £75 per Wheel

  • Convertible Roof Care :: FROM £100

Service charges will alter with vehicle size and condition, an inspection of the vehicle is recommended prior to any appointment.

Vehicles will be required to remain at our premises overnight following this service.

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