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Enhancement Detail

Swirls, minor scratches and other surface defects can cause a vehicle to look lifeless and dull.Through abrasive polishing, these defects can be permanently removed in order to revive the paintwork condition, enrich the colour and deepen gloss levels to beyond expectations without pursuing perfection.

The Process

  • Wheels & brake calipers cleaned with non corrosive cleaners; front of wheel, rear of spokes and inner barrel (Add-On Available, See Below).

  • Under arches and door & boot shuts cleaned; engine compartment cleared of light soiling. 

  • Thorough pressure rinse followed by a foam pre-wash, removing lose grit from the paint surface. 

  • Safe wash process to remove remaining soiling; pH neutral shampoo, three buckets and premium wash mitt used.

  • Three-step decontamination process; removing tar spotting/adhesives, metallic fallout and claybar to restore a smooth finish.

  • Vehicle carefully towel dried; warm filtered air to blow out trapped water. 

  • Paintwork inspection carried out; paint thickness measurements taken to highlight concerning areas and various lighting sources to highlight multiple types of defect. 

  • Two stage machine polish process;  first using an abrasive polish to remove swirling and light scratches, second with a fine finishing polish to refine the finish.
    NOTE: We aim for an approximate 70-80% removal of swirling and surface defects; severe swirling and scratches will remain present if too deep for the abrasive polish step to remove, or, if paint thickness' do not allow.

  • Carnauba wax or synthetic sealant protection applied to all painted areas. (Upgrade Available, See Below).

  • Exterior plastics dressed with a trim gel (Upgrade Available, See Below).

  • Internal and external glass cleaned.

  • Engine compartment dressed.

  • Interior vacuumed and dashboard dusted (Add-On Available, See Below).

  • Final inspection and wipe down using a quick detailer.

Service Cost

From £680

Time Required

From 3 Days

Size and condition of vehicle will alter the final service cost, displayed costs are 'from £...'

Our Recommended Upgrades

  • Gyeon Quartz CERTIFIED Ceramic Coating - additional £275 (add 1 Day)
    - 5 Years Warranted Protection - Exclusive to GYEON Certified Detailers - Paintwork ONLY - 

  • Gyeon Quartz CERTIFIED All Surface Package - Additional £550 (Add 2 Days)
    - Includes: Paintwork, Wheel (Inside/Out), Brake Caliper, Exhaust, Trim and  Exterior Glass Coatings -

*Installed by a GYEON Quartz Certified Detailer for the highest standard in application & performance*

Add-on Services

  • Paint Protection Film (PPF) - From £1300
    Self Healing - Non-Yellowing - Stone Chip Prevention -

  • Alloy Wheel Refinishing - From £75 per wheel
    - Powdercoating - Diamond Cutting - Matte / Satin Finish Available -

  • Brake Caliper Refinishing - From £260
    - All Colours Available - Decals Included - Matte / Satin Finish Available - 

  • Interior Detailing - From £POA
     Leather Cleansing - Fabric Shampoo - Interior Surface Protection - 

  • Wheels Off Deep Cleanse - From £100
    - Wheels Removed - Wheels, Under Arches and Suspension Deep Cleansed -

  • Paintless Dent Removal - From £POA
    - Car Park Dink & Dent Removal - No Bodyshop Required -